well i don't like that one bit

Apparently I'm pretty...darn...white.

But even though many of the things apply to me in a subject heading sort of way, they don't apply to me in a main body sort of way. Maybe I'm just a whitey in denial. Or maybe I'm 25% Hawaiian.

At any rate, enjoy the site. And my apologies in advance to anyone whom it may


(b)log from the sea of cortez

Question: What is the best course of action for one who is stressed out about the upcoming bar exam?

Answer Choices:
A) Follow the regimented schedule given to you by Bar/Bri, making sure to review any missed answers and learn from those mistakes
B) Set aside half an hour each day to engage in cardiovascular exercise
C) Make a list of weak spots and emphasize those in your studying
D) Forget it all and go to Cabo for a week with your family

Darn straight I chose D. Highlights included 1) deciding I should have been a PGA golfer upon seeing Greg Norman's giant yacht floating in the bay, and 2) eating tacos at Gordo Lele's, a stand run by a gordo man whose name I assume was Lele. If you're ever in Cabo, ask him to do Frank Sinatra karaoke for you with ukulele self-accompaniment.

I'd write more, but I have a lot of studying to do.



Snow? Really? Come on, it's the middle of June.

First day of spring was amusing. Last day of classes was bemusing. This is just plain stupid. The gods of weather are apparently like that kid in grade school who figured that if a practical joke was funny the first time, it's got to be hilarious the 50th time.


fun(?) with bar/bri

Bar review professor quote of the day: "Bestiality is gross. Therefore, it will never be on the bar exam. I would love to write the bar question for bestiality, and have stayed up at night doing so, but it will never make it to the exam."

Bar review professor runner-up quote of the day: "If you even toyed with chosing that answer, you will fail the bar. If you chose that answer, you will fail life. (pause). You will never own your own home."