high-brow spam

So I've been getting this rather bizarre spam for quite a while now. Gmail lets me see the first few words of each email and when I glance at my spam folder to make sure nothing was sent there accidentally, I often see some pretty high-brow, albeit vaguely ESL, spam.

An example: "...of languid elegance which would have been very effective if his twinkling eyes so I give you fair warning, in such case I'll break the bargain, and go straight some poky old maid who will cuddle him when he is sick."

I finally broke down and googled a few select phrases, and found out that most the spam messages contain excerpts of Louisa May Alcott works, with a little bit of The Wizard of Oz thrown in for good measure. Odd, huh? I guess its better than messages about pills that can...well, you get the picture.


lesson learned

24 hours ago, the wife dumped the last bit of our old ice cream into the sink. It's still there. The ice cream, that is, not the sink. Well the sink is still there too, but let's focus on the ice cream. Point is, there's an important lesson to be learned: don't buy cheap ice cream. I'm all for cheap, but I do get unnerved when my ice cream defies physics.

p.s. we aren't as slovenly as 24 hours of ice creamed sink might imply. It became an experiment for me after the first hour, and the wife was too preoccupied with earning money at work and with other non-sink pursuits to stop my relentless pursuit of knowledge.


justice with the stars

I spent last weekend in Seattle, competing against 16 other teams in a trial team competition. The good news is we won! The bad news is we won in the sense of "everyone's a winner when you try your best." Our team did do well, though, and next year we're winning regionals and going straight to nationals. Of course, I'm hoping it isn't "winning" in the sense of trying hard and "going to nationals" in the sense of actually staying home and wondering what it would have been like had we gone to nationals.

But as you shall soon see, all was not lost. A while back, I posted some sniveling remarks on how I dislike celebrity shows, such as the ones that show celebrities ballroom dancing, celebrities ice skating, celebrities trying to lose weight, and even (briefly) celebrities engaging in competitive cooking. All stupid, stupid, stupid, if you ask me. However, there is one option I approve of and that I see King County has already adopted - Justice with the Stars. Apparently, the first season will feature the original MF (McFly) himself, Michael J. Fox:

Personally, if I were a judge with this name I would go by Mike and drop the "J.," but apparently this particular honorable sir has adopted the same stance as did Michael Bolton in Office Space.