Just learned tonight that yet another friend/acquaintance is getting divorced, which makes for three within the past several months.

I remember when it felt all weird because I was getting to the stage in my life where all my friends were starting to get married. Guess now I'm getting to that stage in life where all my friends are starting to get divorced.


that's LORD t.m. to you

Why do I surround myself with friends who are better people than me? So they can hopefully even out the scales.

Others may improve the lot of humanity over the holidays; Me, I just want this.

dems for dildos

The election is Tuesday and, I might as well be honest, I still don't know how I'm going to vote on a number of issues. I do know, however, that this year my default party, should I reach an impasse, is the democrats. Why, you ask? Because their county headquarters are in a storefront that only a few months ago was a sex shop.

I say that any party that is accused of being anti-morality but then still has the balls (overly graphic pun somewhat intended) to set up in a former sex shop is OK by me.