but not the kind that files papers

Just got word from the Air Force that they granted my deferment request, which means I'm clerking for one of the judges on the state court of appeals, which means I'll be sticking around in-state for another year.

But here's one of the cooler parts: it also means I should end up writing some of the court's decisions, which is cool to someone who has spent the last three years being nerdified in law school. I wonder how good the odds are that I can sneak a cuz I said so, beeyotch into of one of the opinions.


the end has (almost) ended

Doctor of love, of course. But doctor of jurisprudence? Surely someone is mistaken.

Now, of course, the bar awaits. A JAG friend of mine is soon to endure the birth of her second child and recently told me that she would gladly take her impending suffering over mine. I hope she's kidding. The last three years were a blur, so I'm just hoping that somehow translates well into essay answers.



Just looked in the mirror and thought, my goodness, I look like a werewolf. It's been 26 hours since I've slept and over a week since I've shaved. You'd think after three years of law school I'd have a better sense of how much time goes into preparing outlines.

One more test to go. Ever.