happy friday the 13th

I walk out to the car this morning so as to head to work, and notice that the top of the window is popped out somewhat, as if it were very much off track. Odd, I thought, I wonder if someone - crap.

So I had my car broken into. Somewhere deep inside I had one last shred of innocence, but it is now gone. I don't even care so much that the cooling vents in my dash are broken, that the dash panel has random gouges, and that my stereo is missing, since insurance will (hopefully) pay for that. I guess what gets me is that someone had the gall to take something that clearly was not theirs, and trash my car in the process. I'm not angry, but I do (calmly) hope the perpetrator is castrated one day, and that as the snipping is taking place, the snipper says, you do know this is for breaking into that guy's car, right? My judicial philosophy is apparently that of what they call a "hangin' judge."

The guy even stole my quartz arrowhead that I had found as a kid a long time ago. The little SOB. Don't ask why I was keeping the arrowhead in my car. I'm not sure if that gets to me more, or the fact that he didn't steal my sunglasses. Could he really tell they only cost me fifteen dollars? You tend to second guess yourself when not even a arrowhead-swiping thief wants your sunglasses.

I guess until I get things repaired and replaced, I'll just be rolling ghetto style.