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For good and for bad.


ooh, uh...

There are some things that, if you knew as a child that you'd be doing them as an adult, would have caused you to purposefully O.D. on Flintstones vitamins. Never in his wildest dreams would this boy who competed in poetry recital competitions as a fifth grader and cried at Harry and the Hendersons as a third grader have ever thought that he'd be spending two months fully integrated with the Marines. WTF.

Thing is, I'm loving it. It's like living in a movie. These people (either gender) swear with such gusto and creativity and in such inappropriate circumstances that you can't help but smile. And who wouldn't like having their brief-writing interrupted by the rattling of your office window as helicopters fly low overhead?

I'm still the dork trying to figure out the best response to a manly "ooh-rah" (and a good day to you, fine sir?), but at least I'm having a good time while I'm doing it.