justice blue eyes

I tried to think of a way to cleverly bring this up but I've been unsuccessful thus far and I need to go to bed now so I'll just throw it out there plain and simple -- I'll be hanging with Chief Justice John Roberts tomorrow evening. Just the two of us, him piercing my soul with his eyes.

Actually, I'm anticipating a throng of people with my wife and I lost somewhere in the back of the room, me wondering why I bothered to dress up in a full suit during non-office hours just to eat bad appetizers while standing next to some angry lawyer. (Who isn't my wife. Though my wife is also next to me. She's just not the angry lawyer. I have no connection to this hypothetical angry lawyer. There are a total of three people standing there. Well, plus the rest of the room. Agh, ambiguous verbage.) If, however, the event turns out to be anything more than that I will be quite pleased.

And yes, I am taking suggestions on awkward things to say should I actually meet him.