in your face(book)

So what do pedophiles and high schoolers have in common? Why, obsession with social networking sites, of course. And now you can throw me in the mix as well. Well, don't count me as obsessed (yet), but do count me as a member, if you must.

A certain part of me feels defeated, seeing as how I resisted for a good long while. However, that part of me seems to have succumbed to the part that hopes someone has left a new message on my wall.

April 19, 2008
T.M.'s dignity. Having held out against Harry Potter, celebrity cooking shows, and dog sweaters, the dignity of T.M. finally succumbed to fate. It leaves behind one wife, one pug, and the withered shell of a law student. The family asks that in lieu of flowers, friend requests be placed in his inbox.

P.S. My apologies to the HP fans out there, for I know you are legion. Please don't cast a spell on me.


bipolar weather

Saturday I was at the park, reading and getting a sunburn. Yesterday I was outside at nine in the evening, comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt. In a few minutes I will walk through snow flurries in order to get to my car.

Someone please stop this ride -- I think I'm going to be sick.


can i get an extra shot with that?

So the wife and I were watching CNN last night when her former employee flashes across the screen, accompanied by ominous video editing, staring into the camera and saying, "I wanted to get as much revenge as I could."

Turns out CNN is running a special this Friday on campus killers (and those who would imitate them, apparently), and your local bullet-obsessed barista is a feature presentation. Popcorn and fear at our place, Friday evening!