article of coolness

A friend told me a while back that he was working on a project at Lockheed strangely similar to this. Guess it all came together.

Meanwhile, I'm doing something nearly as cool -- researching how international law might be used to alter unconscionable domestic agreements. Maybe they'll write an article about me, too.



I recently learned that a kid I played Little League with back in California was killed in a car accident. His father and brother were travelling with him in the car, and all three died as the car drifted across the lane and into an oncoming truck. Now only the mother remains.

Really, I only have one memory of him. I'm standing near the end of the bleachers at the Little League field, and he's sobbing loudly into the arms of his mom, because some of the other kids kept hitting him and calling him a faggot. That's it.

Are the dead entitled to more?

12:03 am

It is 12:03 am, and the lady on the radio just said "good morning". Is this allowed?

While her greeting was technically correct, my initial reaction is nevertheless that person A ought not be permitted to wish person B a good morning unless person A has either a) gone to sleep for the night and woken up, or b) witnessed the rising of the sun.