I never understood it when friends were so annoyed by a radio or tv personality that the personality couldn't even be on air without the friend asking that the radio/tv be shut off. That is, until I met Nancy Grace.

Maybe if her show were like this a little more often, I could put up with her. Ahh, sophomoric humor, how I love thee.


daddy likey

So, everyone excited about the four day weekend coming up? You know - memorial day on Monday and family day on Friday? Oh right, I only get that off because I'm doing the JAG this summer. You all must be pretty excited about being paid to participate in sports day all day on Thursday, though, right? Oh, yeah, my bad - JAG, again. Paid to get off work early and play ultimate frisbee every Friday afternoon? Right, same story.

Well my summer's going well, at least.


con law, you're dead to me

So part of my con law exam this morning involved me having to list all the Supreme Court justices. The conservative ones were easy, because I can remember any name that is always preceded by some expletive when pronounced by my professor.

Fairly regularly this semester, class would end with my professor launching into a tirade against capitalism and writing giant dollar signs over any black letter law he had written on the chalkboard. I just about took his exam and handed it in with only irate dollar signs for answers, but decided against it at the last minute.