procreation missionaries

My lovely wife and I go back and forth pretty frequently on whether we're going to have children, and one little consideration I recently learned of is the fact that if we were to get our preferred location for my next base assignment and she were to be pregnant while over there, the place is so remote that she would have to "stork nest" in Germany during the last trimester and give birth over there. Wowsers.

But that's a sidenote, really, from the main point of this post: parents aren't the best advocates for parenting. We were out with several couples last night, one of which has a newborn. The husband's opinion on the matter? "I'm told this will be awesome in 40 years." Each time we're told by an exasperated parent "don't rush into having kids" (hardly an issue after six and a half years of marriage), I wonder if that's the parent's nice way of saying "run for your life."