forceful music

Just a quick post to share a picture I took several months ago while in lovely, lovely Victoria and promptly forgot about. Sorry for the awkwardly placed pole -- I tried to take the picture quickly from afar before he noticed. He seems to be staring me down, though, so I don't think I was successful.


title rescinded on account of having crossed the line

I have three posts-in-the-making at various places on my computer, each the product of reflection and (some) wit, but apparently this is what I need to actually prompt me to hit the "publish post" button.

So the question is, which is most disturbing?
a) That I continued to read the article after having read the headline
b) That I found it humorous that the suspect, in stereotypical man fashion, apparently rolled over and went straight to sleep after his first liaison
c) That the phrase "gonna get me some Sugar" popped into my mind immediately after seeing the horse's name
d) That I felt a little bad for the guy upon reading about how he's been ridiculed for his exploits.

I'll blame my apparently twisted outlook on reading way too many bizarre and disturbing criminal law cases.