futbol is for commies, soccer is for socialists

Someone I worked with this summer has a little boy, who is not allowed to play on a soccer team. Turns out the husband says (mostly jokingly) that soccer is a commie sport. Is this true? I don't know. I'll just present the evidence and let you decide for yourself.

Evo likes it.

So does Hugo.

Mahmoud's even a fan.

(not a commie or any variant thereof, I know, but still a general baddie)

Then of course there's the main man himself, Fidel. I'm not sure what he's doing here, but it does involve a soccer ball.

Fidel's the tricky one, though. Just when you think he's all pimped out commie style, he busts a thoroughly American move on you. For instance, I present to you, this:

As if that weren't enough, not only does he go American, he goes all out and does the whole midwestern housewife thing. Yes, you know what I'm talking about -- a glamour shot:

*Sigh* Now I find myself harkening, yet again, to the good old days when commies were commies, midwestern housewifes were midwestern housewives, and only one of the two played soccer. Where has the innocence gone?


what happens in vegas...shows up in your bar application character fitness investigation

So the wife and I went to Vegas for an all-around good time.

Ate tons of food, saw a show, lost a dollar to video poker. And had an interesting conversation:

Timeshare hawker, filling out our information so we could get a free show and buffet for sitting in on a presentation: Are you two together? Yes. Married? Yes. To each other? [confused pause...] Yes.

And she wasn't even trying to make a joke. Man I love that town.


oh, well that's great

Are you kidding me? As you may recall, I am not this man's biggest fan. Why don't we just go ahead and ask Castro to become the new U.S. president, while we're at it? Sheesh.

I remember my young and innocent days, when wrong was wrong and right was right. Now ... well, I just don't know anymore.