well i don't like that one bit

Apparently I'm pretty...darn...white.

But even though many of the things apply to me in a subject heading sort of way, they don't apply to me in a main body sort of way. Maybe I'm just a whitey in denial. Or maybe I'm 25% Hawaiian.

At any rate, enjoy the site. And my apologies in advance to anyone whom it may


At 8:19 PM, Blogger c said...

Some of my fellow grad classmates and I had a long discussion about if/how to integrate that site into the ENGL 101 classroom. I argued not to do it, and I stand by that position. Stereotypes are tricky enough without adding race/culture and satire to the mix.

Having said that, sometimes I love the posts there and really identify with them; other times it's just...meh.

At 11:17 AM, Anonymous Caleb said...

Umm.....can I add something else that White people like? Pugs maybe? That's pretty damn white! BTW you rpost was funny as heck!

At 6:44 PM, Blogger T.M. said...

Pugs: quite possibly a white person thing.

Class integration: Did anyone integrate it into the class? I would be curious as to the response. For reasons likely linked to some sort of double-standard, talking about Caucasian stereotypes seems significantly less dangerous than talking about stereotypes related to any other race, especially in a majority Caucasian setting (as I'm assuming is the case in your classes). I've also found, however, that it's pretty difficult to offend me (vicariously or personally, but especially personally), which means I may not be the best judge of levels of risk associated with classroom discussion on the topic.


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