and take yo pictcha

Wedding dialogue of the year, or at least of the month:

Friend of the groom, to bride and groom as they sit in their getaway limo shortly before embarking on the honeymoon: "Take pictures!"

Surrounding crowd: "Hahaha."

Friend of groom: "Not of that."

Surrounding crowd: "Hahaha."

Friend of groom: "Shame on you all."

I guess weddings give you sex on the brain, even for the old folks.


At 7:12 AM, Blogger chelfea said...

It's sweet how weddings turn from solemn vows of forevermore into sex-crazed, innuendo-filled parties. ("No, innYOURendo.")

At 6:57 PM, Blogger Nothing said...

Ha! In YOUR endo. HA HA!

At 3:12 PM, Anonymous Cpt. Hook said...

And my dad would want to give everyone there who laughed a lecture about how sex is an extremely sacred event and Christians shouldn't make jokes about sex at weddings or laugh at those who do because it's evil and innappropriate. Sex is just not to be talked about, see. But he'd probably not be brave to draw such attention to himself and then instead give this lecture to the unwanting and annoyed ears of all in the car on the drive home.

And then, no the other hand, what married couple wants everyone knowing the exact night they will lose their virginity (at least in the culture we were brought up in, a surprising amount of my friends untainted by this evil modern world I believe saved themselves for this night, God bless you all) and then making jokes about it? I mean, doesn't it feel a little creepy that everyone knows when you will first have sex with your wife and then comment on it? Doesn't it? Wouldn't you want that to be completely a private event? This is my attempt at arguing for sex before marriage. Do it some night before the wedding and then it will be your little joke on everyone of the repressive culture (our subculture) that you've already done it and can laugh at them as they are trying to laugh at you and the impending loss of your virginity. I'm not talking about being promiscuous, just reserving that moment for your one life partner at a time when nobody else will know, see. Makes sense to me. Completely intimate and private.


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