things i've done of late

At one point in her college career my wife had a professor who was odd in a variety of ways. He was the kind of guy who would, and did, ask students who they were and then, upon receiving a response giving their name, major, political affiliation, or whatever, respond by saying, "no, who are you." Good sir, I believe you confuse ambiguity for profundity.

I guess I write that because I'm about to list things I've done in the last week or so and I can hear his voice in the back of my mind, saying, "I'm not asking what you've done, I'm asking who you are." Well darn it, man, sometimes they're one and the same. Or at least closely related.


Bought adult furniture.
I snicker a little as I type that, which I suppose means I'm not yet fully an adult. I should have perhaps said I bought the kind of furniture that adults would buy, but that seemed too cumbersome. We bought it at Pier 1 but picked it up in my Dad's baby blue 1970's Datsun pickup, which temporarily broke down in the parking lot. I figure the two cancel each other out in some fashion.

Forced my wife to listen to country music.
This was in the Datsun pickup. Because what else are you going to listen to in a pickup that has a mountain scene plastered onto the rear window? It's been years since I've listened to country music for longer than 15 minutes, so I imagine my wife was very impressed when I was able to point out that Randy Travis was on. I could see the awe in her eyes.

Unsuccessfully started a letter to J.D. Salinger.
I don't have very many memories of my mom's dad, whom I became conscious of for the first time when watching the 1989 World Series on tv. That's when the San Francisco earthquake struck and my mom called her revelation/dad, who lived in the bay area, to see if he was OK. He was a good writer, a poor father, and a Salinger fan. I haven't been able to figure my grandfather out through reading Salinger, so I thought I'd try writing Salinger. I don't think this will work, but the process is a good one.

I've been running four or so times a week in order to get my fat arse in shape before commissioned officer training. I know some of you enjoy running, but I really just don't get it. It sucks so bad. Tips on why this is fun would be welcome. I have noticed a definite difference in my endurance, however, which I guess is the point.


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