happy birthday

I haven't forgotten about you.

It's just that all my post ideas have to do with either work or politics, neither of which I am allowed to discuss publicly.* So I will instead tell you that I saw a beaver swimming in the pond in front of our living room window this morning and even though he was trying desperately to get to shore, the ducks and geese kept chasing the little guy away. I hope he didn't drown. Then on the way home from work I avoided a squirrel who looked like he was sleeping on his side, except he had red coming from his little squirrel mouth. It was a sad rodent day.

And on that melancholy note, I wish you a happy 100th post. Considering it's been over two and a half years since I started this thing you'd think I would have more posts on here, but this old mind works too slow. Or I'm lazy. Whatever.

*I admit that at first blush I may seem to have violated this rule in my last post. Please note, however, that I expressed no political opinion. So I'm good to go.


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